Fast-food lovers from Scotland have been flocking to an English chippy to tuck into what could be the UK's largest doner kebab.

The extraordinary food mountain contains two layers of chips, topped off with doner and chicken kebab meat, and cheese, all served up in a 12ins (30.48cm) pizza box.

The dish first came about after the owners of the Chip Inn in Huthwaite, Notts., made it on special request for a customer.

After receiving positive reviews Megann Altinoz (corr), 37, then added it to the menu as the £15 Double Decker - and has since seen customers travel from Wolverhampton, Newcastle and even Scotland to try the dish.

Megann, who runs the shop alongside husband Erdal, 41, who is seen cooking the dish in the video, has also had to turn away callers requesting special delivery of the mammoth dish.

The couple, who started running the restaurant 10 years ago, claim that the monster doner has led to their best ever business - and the pair have even tried eating it with their three children.

Megann, of Nottingham, said: "The publicity has been something that's taken us completely by surprise.

"We've had people from Newcastle, Scotland, Wolverhampton, Devon, all over the place.

"The Double Decker actually came about by accident.

"A regular customer of ours, who tends to order a mixed kebab with chips and salad, was with a group of friends and wanted something a bit different.

"She asked if we could not bother with putting the chips and the salad in separate bowls, and wanted everything mixing together in one container.

"We decided to try to make something that could serve her and all of her friends in one.

Evening Times:

"It was so much fun making it, and I decided to film Erdal and put it on Facebook for a bit of a laugh.

"Our profile had close friends and loyal customers following us at the time, so I just stuck it up there and thought nothing of it.

"Then, the next day, I woke and over 30,000 people have watched it. I couldn't believe it, I thought that Facebook must have had some sort of glitch or something.

"I was completely flabbergasted. There were loads of comments from people who wanted to try it, and it really did go viral.

"That was the point where I thought: 'Maybe we're on to something here'.

"There was such a high demand that we felt as though we had to start serving it regularly.

"We advertised it on our website and social media, and from there it's just taken off.

"I think the attraction is the fact that it's just so big. People have been calling it 'the biggest kebab in Britain', and I can't see any bigger.

Evening Times:

"We've had people travelling from up and down the country coming to try it, people have been driving for hours and hours.

"They just walk in and say: 'We travelled here to try the Double Decker'.

"On a few occasions people have phoned us from far flung of the country, asking us to deliver one to them and offering to pay us the petrol money.

"It's been staggering.

"Honestly, in all my time working here it's the best period that we've ever had - and that's saying something given that January is traditionally the time where people start of health-kicks.

"I'd say that a large percentage of our customers do come in to try the Double Decker, it's our most popular dish.

"I've seen lots of videos of people trying to eat it all by themselves, but so far I'm yet to see anyone be successful.

"We don't recommend that anyone try to eat it by themselves - it's designed for big groups of people to have together.

"It's something that's got to be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, alongside a healthy lifestyle.

"A couple of times, we've sat round together as a family and tried to eat it, but it is an enormous amount of food, and we've not been able to finish it - even with three hungry kids."