THE moll was on yet another health kick, only this one was making me see green.

“I love avocados, don’t you doll,” she enthused while deconstructing the weird looking fruit with her knife.

I thought to myself last month she was vegetarian, then she was gluten free and don't get me started on the soup diet phase. 

As I got lost in all the fads the Moll had put on me, I piped back, “yeah, they are interesting,” as I read what the hacks in the newspaper had to say about the latest big case I have been working on.

“I’m glad you said that because I am taking you to this joint and they are all about avocados,” her Ladyship commanded. 

I agreed, don’t I always? And before I knew it we were in the Buick heading to the West End for our first Avo Avo experience.

Situated in Finnieston’s Argyle Street, Avo Avo was launched in November after three friends experienced a similar restaurant while on a trip to Amsterdam. 

They took what they learned from that trip to bring Glasgow its first avocado restaurant. 

Evening Times:

The menu is simple and avocado inspired. Every dish will have an avocado in it, and breakfast and dinner options.

Avo Avo pride themselves in offering the "freshest" avocados. 

The restaurant states: "We only pick the freshest avocados around. Every dish that’s served comes with our solid belief that you won’t find anything that’s as delicious and satisfying as our Avo Avo range. Our avocados will live long in your memory and bring you back for more time and time again.

"Our tasty avocados will even suit people with the most discerning of tastes as our menu range has a wide variety of choice. Great for any time of the day – Avo Avo is the place to be for your avocado hit."

I booked a table and when we arrived we were shown to a cosy set-up at the back of the restaurant.

The venue is intimate and busy, and fits in with the West End’s hipster vibe. 

The waitress asked what drinks we wanted, and this Tec stuck to a good ole Diet Coke. The moll, however asked for a broccoli and beast smoothie mix. Filled with broccoli, celery, spinach, mango, pineapple and banana, the smoothie promises to give your immune system a boost. While it looked like no great shakes to me, the moll devoured it and said it was really tasty. 

For our main courses, I choose the Avo Avo tastic mac and cheese which was filled with avocado puree and topped with walnuts. There was also a side salad and tomato salsa. Mac and cheese is a classic dish and the introduction of avocado made the meal taste bland. I didn’t finish it all and despite wanting to enjoy it, this dish wasn’t for me. It also left an avo aftertaste I didn’t enjoy. 

The moll perhaps made a better choice by going for the Avo Avo homemade beef burger. Using the avocado as a bun, the burger is filled with cream cheese, watermelon and beef tomatoes. Her Ladyship said it was one of the tastiest burgers she has had and it even inspired her to make a homemade version of the combination. And that is saying something for her with those long talons.  

We shared Avo Avo fries which is panko coated avocado wedges fried or baked served with chipolata. This side dish was the tastiest thing on the menu in my opinion and the dip really complemented the fries.

Evening Times:

We decided to give dessert a miss because all the options were avocado based and to be frank, I had enough to last me a life time.

Evening Times:

This restaurant offers what you expect and is probably a mecca to those who love avocado. It is a unique offering in Glasgow's current market and I suppose you have to try everything once. It is worth the experience but I am not sure ‘Avo’ have a repeat visit. 

Avo Avo, 946 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8JG

Food: ***

Atmosphere: ***

Service: ***

The menu:

Avo Avo homemade beef burger £13.95

Avo Avo tastic mac and cheese £9.95

Avo Avo fries £4.25

Broccoli Smoothie £3.40

Diet Coke £1.70

Bottlegreen Elderflower £2.30

Total: £35.55