The world’s first vodka designed to be mixed with water is set to be launched in the UK.

The unique spirit is hoping to attract health and lifestyle-conscious drinkers keen to enjoy booze without the sugar, gluten and additives often present in soft-drink mixers.

Victor Ruiz Lafita, founder of Spanish brand Vita - which is behind the new creation - described how the vodka’s secret formula allows just still or carbonated water to “bring out its natural citrus flavours.”

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He said: “To develop it, we searched the Mediterranean region for the key ingredients, and partnered with a distillery in Barcelona to help us create a unique vodka that releases a burst of natural scents, flavours and freshness when it comes into contact with water.

“We believe that many people won’t continue to drink in the traditional way. We are way ahead of the game. We’ve had a great reaction in Spain, but as vodka consumption is 15 times higher in the UK, and the British are keen to look after their health, we’re very excited to launch here.”

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He added: “We have three key objectives for 2018: launch in major retailers in the UK, continue to spread the word at trade fairs and other events, and develop new flavours.

“In the long-term, we hope to revolutionise the way the world drinks”.

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