HAMILTON band Bleed From Within are already metal heavyweights – but now they've got an eye for fashion.

The group brings its new album, Uprising, to the Cathouse tomorrow night, fresh off a tour with metal legends Testament.

Yet singer Scott Kennedy has also just launched his own clothing line, Nothing, No-one, Nowhere.

"Even though I'm in a metal band, I'm really interested in fashion," he explains.

"I hate sitting at home not working between tours, so if I can turn my interest into fashion into my own thing then that'll keep me busy.

"It's always something I've wanted to do. Besides, you can't illegally download T-shirts-"

The day job is going pretty well for the group, too.

After taking a few years out, the band's third album has already been hailed as a cracker. Yet it's a record that was borne out of frustration.

"When we were writing the record we were actually very angry, and we didn't think anything would come of it," explains Scott.

"While it's angry, it's still positive. It's about looking to the light and realising that you're the only person who can make a difference in your life."

The band's first two albums, 2009's Humanity and the following year's Empire were bruising yet melodic, and established the group as names to watch.

They've also helped their reputation by touring across Europe, including a recent jaunt with veteran thrash metallers Testament.

Playing alongside a well-established band meant having to win over their followers too, but Scott, from Larkhall, reckons Bleed From Within managed to add a few new fans.

"We were playing to all these old metalheads with patches all over their jackets and they're the hardest crowd to play to.

"But we seemed to win them over by the end of each night."

While any mentioning of the Glasgow music scene tends to bring up visions of indie bands, Scott says the local metal scene is thriving.

"There's some good metal bands there," he says.

"A band like the Recovery are amazing live, Yashin are great, there's a lot of good metal bands out there. I'd hope we can fly the flag for Scottish metal."

l Bleed From Within, Cathouse, Union Street, Glasgow, tomorrow, £7.50, 7pm