MINCE and tatties was on the dinner menu at Govan Senior Secondary School in 1956.

And when we say mince, we mean just that; not chilli, not spag bol, just mince.

Perhaps, if you were lucky, the dinner ladies might have cooked it up with some carrot and onion. If you were unlucky, it was a plate of grey, watery gristle. And if the cooks thought they were running out of food before the end of the dinner queue was in sight, they'd 'stretch' the mince by simply topping up the pot with a kettle of boiling water.

Having said all that, this pair of hungry boys were almost climbing through the hatch to grab their trays. And judging by the number of plates on their trays they must have been 'lunch monitors', i.e., a pair of right swotty teachers' pets.