THEY can probably see the horror on my face.

The gorgeous Veslava and Justyna at Synergy are talking me through the principle of skin needling. 

Yes, it does involve needles and the phrases "recovery time" and "raw steak" are used. Women swear by its youth-inducing, skin-improving qualities.

But I'm so squeamish I don't even have pierced ears. Lucky, the therapists have something much more relaxing in mind for me.

Based in Giffnock, Synergy is an advanced skin care clinic. While the treatment room and common areas smell gorgeous and have an extremely relaxing vibe to them, this place is medical and focused on real results.

Before I have my treatment I meet with Dr Judy Todd who is carrying out a thread lift on a patient. This is a non-invasive facelift where threads are sewn under the skin and pulled taught. 

Again, this clinic is not for someone looking for a cleanse and face pack. Synergy means business.

Today I have Veslava looking after me and she could not be more lovely, really putting me at my ease.

For my face she recommends a Forma skin tightening treatment with a Signature Facelift by Image Skincare and then a treatment of Dermalux to finish.

So, Forma is a machine that heats the layers under the skin to stimulate new collagen and plump up your face.

After a thorough cleanse, Veslava runs the Forma machine over my face. It's hot but not at all uncomfortable. In fact, once I get used to the sensation, it's incredibly relaxing. 

It's so quick and easy that I'm left wondering how it could possibly have made a difference. It does, though. Even with just one treatment, my skin is definitely plumper.

The Signature Facelift involves an application of high dose Vitamin C with a peel made from Glycolic acid and enzymes.

This smells amazing but stings a little when it first goes on. Again, the results are worth it. My skin is much brighter, lighter and my pores have been vacuumed shut.

My skin is really sensitive and I go pink at the slightest thing so I'm surprised and pleased to see how light and lacking in redness my face is. 

Finally, the Dermalux LED Phototherapy. It is almost like a sun bed just for your head. Veslava switches the lights on and advises me that I can wear goggles if I find it too much.

An arc of bright lights are lowered over my face and it's initially a bit alarming. After a couple of minutes, however, my eyes adjust and it's like being on a beach on a sunny day.

The science of this is as follows: "The treatment involves exposing the skin to low levels of beneficial light energy from the visible and infrared part of the light spectrum which energise cellular functions to stimulate various cellular processes with therapeutic effects. 

"It is a natural response similar to that of plant photo-synthesis through a process known as photobiomodulation."

I haven't seen my face between the peel and the Dermalux so I don't know which has had the biggest effect. 

I can say that my skin looks fantastic afterwards. I'm young enough not to worry yet about wrinkles but my skin is definitely plumper and more defined. 

All in all, the treatment costs more than £200 so it would be, for me, a real treat. But it's certainly the first time I've had a facial and been able to see such marked results afterwards.

A very high-tech five stars
Treatments and treatment times vary