The wait is also over for all you avocadicts as Scotland's first avocado based restaurant is set to open in the next few weeks.

Avo Avo will be based in Finnieston at 946 Argyle Street where contractors are hard at work to get the place looking very ‘West End’.

Co-owner Alam Islam, 37, who has worked in the catering industry for 20 years, plans to open the doors of the Finnieston eatery in early November, reports the Sun.

Having spent time exploring new food trends in Europe, Alam’s imagination was captured at The Avocado Show, a kitchen with branches in London and Amsterdam serving up visually stunning dishes inspired by the quirky berry.

Alam told the Sun: “I thought the concept was brilliant but was lacking something.

“It needed more quality and opportunity to pick off the menu.

“Avocados are great, you can make anything and everything with them.

Upon opening, the eatery will be serving up - among other things - avocado smoothies, burgers, and ice-cream.