In the latest in our series, Evening Times Style Doctor Numba Pinkerton advises on key autumn pieces for your wardrobe.

Q: What are the essentials for a stylish autumn wardrobe?

Autumn is the perfect time to take stock of your wardrobe and de-clutter in preparation for the colder months. Autumn weather gives us the flexibility to wear a wide range of outfits and accessories – remember, you can still bare your ankles or wear a warm knitted top instead of a full coat.

With this in mind, I’ve boiled it down to five essential pieces.

Fitted Blazer

Even if you aren’t a “blazer type” of girl, get one. They are versatile, and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. Opt for a textured blazer for even more versatility.

Ribbed Top

Another versatile piece that can be used to introduce colour to your overall outfit. Can be worn with a skirt or smart trousers to create a stylish look.

The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Pick a pair of blue jeans that you love and make sure they fit like a glove – stretchy is ideal.

Ankle Boots

Opt for a comfortable pair of dark brown heeled ankle boots - they will always make your jeans look classy and expensive!

A Colourful Handbag

Add colour and depth to any outfit, updating it from mediocre to stylish. Any berry shade is perfect for autumn.

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