We all love a little advent calendar action, don’t we? If it’s not chocolate, it’s beauty – but before you splash out on 24 doors of divine temptation, check out the immense offering available this year. They really are something else.

Whether you fancy splashing out on the most expensive box of teabags known to man, or have a whopping 10K to blow on raising your spirits with, erm, spirits, there’s something for absolutely everyone.

1. Letterfest Fortune Cookie Advent Calendar, £25, Not On the High Street

Letterfest's Fortune Cookie Advent Calendar(Not On The High Street/PA)

Everyone wants a daily fortune this December, surely? Snap open a traditional sweet and crunchy fortune cookie (a different one every day, no less) and find out what’s going to happen to you, before scoffing your advent treat.

2. 25 Days Ultimate Advent Calendar, £99, The Body Shop

The Body Shop's Ultimate Advent Calendar(The Body Shop/PA)

There are beauty advent calendars, and there are beauty advent calendars. The Body Shop has had such a great response to theirs that you can now select one of three different options. This one is their priciest offering, housing 25 gorgeous gifts worth  £214 in total,  so if you can bear to part with £99, it’s kind of half price…

3. The Beer Hawk Advent Calendar, £75, Beer Hawk

The Beer Hawk Advent Calendar(Beer Hawk/PA)

We all tend to put on a bit of weight over Christmas anyway, so why not start on December 1 by sinking a beer every day of advent?! Now, the lovely people at Beer Hawk are keen to keep the contents a secret, but you can expect to open up four exclusive beers you won’t find anywhere else – 17 different beer styles from seven different countries and 23 different breweries, plus a £10 voucher. Cheers to that.

4. Tea Advent Calendar, £36, Bluebird Tea Co.

Bluebird Tea Co. Advent Calendar(Bluebird Tea Co/PA)

OK, so this may be the most expensive box of teabags you can buy, but for any hardcore hot drink fans, this calendar is the bomb. Containing 18 actual teabags (silk pyramid ones, obvs) in utterly amazing flavours like Strawberry Lemonade, Mrs Claus’ Raspberry Prosecco and Mince Pie + Spiced Clementine, there’s also mini matcha sachets, a Bluebird pin badge, and a tea-scented solid perfume. Anyone for a brew?

5. Limited Edition Advent Calendar, £75, Carluccio’s

Limited Edition Carluccio's Advent Calendar(Carluccio’s/PA)

If you’re Italian, a fan of Italians and their food, or just a bit of a foodie, Carluccio’s limited edition calendar – brand new for 2017 – might be a goer. At £75, it might cost the same as your weekly shop, but behind each door is one of the restaurant chain’s bestselling products – yum! Available early November.

6. Cheese Advent Calendar, £8, Asda

Asda's Cheese Advent Calendar(Asda/PA)

Cheese fans, your time has come. After all those years of chocolate advent calendars stealing the limelight, Asda has finally decided to hide a cheese-fest behind 24 doors. Pressed curds of milk every day in December? Bring it on. Available November 6.

7. Advent Calendar, £300, Jo Malone

Jo Malone Advent Calendar(Jo Malone/PA)

Ahh, here it is. The one all women want, but few can afford. If you have £300 to spend on an advent calendar, let it be this – though you’ll need to be quick as it will sell out. There are 24 Jo Malone colognes and candles – and we want them all.

8. Beauty Advent Calendar 2017, £170, Liberty 

Liberty's Beauty Advent Calendar 2017(Liberty/PA)

Another renowned beauty buy, the Liberty calendar is a sell out every year. Containing over £500 worth of swag in one of the most beautifully designed advent boxes you’ve ever seen (a Liberty-print design adorns the inside, naturally), there are multi-brand treats inside, including 15 full-size products – which is a big rarity.

9. Limited Edition Advent Calendar by Susie Watson with Advent Biscuit Tin, £99, Biscuiteers

Biscuiteers Advent Calendar(Biscuiteers/PA)

For the country-cottage lover, nothing can beat this cutesy, handcrafted advent calendar, designed for inserting a Bicuiteers biscuit into each and every pocket. You can buy the cloth alone for £60, but the biscuits normally cost £48 (and taste AMAZING), so if you’re splashing out, you may as well go the whole hog.

10. Cabinet of Scented Luxuries Advent Calendar, £165, Molton Brown

Molton Brown Advent Calendar(Molton Brown/PA)

Smaller in the flesh than you might expect for £165, but if you’ve got the cash, you know you’re going to use each and every one of these Molton Brown minis. It also includes two 50ml eau de toilettes, as well as candles, shampoo, body washes and a 75ml Festive Shower Gel Bauble.

11. Deluxe Advent Calendar, £79.50, Rituals

Ritals Deluxe Advent Calendar(Rituals/PA)

Another beauty calendar containing bath and body treats you’ll actually use, this one looks so good, you can use it instead of a Christmas tree. Unbox 24 exclusive Rituals products, including four gorgeous candles – intended for lighting every Sunday of advent.

12. The Grand Advent Calendar, £68, Hotel Chocolat

The Grand Advent Calendar by Hotel Chocolat(Hotel Chocolat/PA)

Brand new for 2017, Hotel Chocolat have finally gone big and produced a super-duper calendar, bursting with massively indulgent chocolate treats. And we’re not just talking truffles. Hiding inside, you’ll find salted caramel vodka, crackers filled with dizzy pralines and even their new treacle tarts, encased in 40% milk chocolate pastry sculpted from real paper. We need it now.

13. The Grooming Advent Calendar, £55, ASOS

The ASOS Grooming Calendar(ASOS/PA)

Hooray for a grooming calendar, made exclusively for men! Any blokes besotted with their hair and skin will love unleashing their inner product junkie on this ASOS calendar, including 25 products from loads of different brands, plus a discount voucher to spend online.

14. Drinks By The Dram Very Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar – Macassar Ebony (2017 Edition), £9,999.95, Master Of Malt

Very Old and Rare Whisky Calendar(Drinks by the Dram/PA)

And the prize for this year’s most extravagant calendar goes to Drinks By The Dram. For a cool £10K, your advent can be filled with 24 ‘wee drams’ of very old and rare whisky, from long-closed distilleries, highly sought-after limited editions and impossible-to-source liquid. There’s even a 60-year-old single malt Scotch and a rare Japanese whisky that costs £19,000 a bottle. We should also point out, the calendar itself is crafted by Kent cabinet-maker Simon Jewell Designs and is available in walnut, or finished in Macassar ebony.

15. Wine Advent Calendar, £49.99, Aldi

The Wine Calendar, ALdi(Aldi/PA)

Aldi’s Christmas range is getting stronger the closer we get to December, and this advent calendar has definitely caused a stir. Containing a mini bottle of wine each and every day of advent is surely the perfect way to celebrate. Red, white, rosé and fizz-lovers are all catered for. Available in store from November 1.