IT had been a long day getting nowhere and I couldn’t make my mind up which lead to follow.

Outside it was getting dark so I decided to pack up for the day and pick up the confusing trail of clues in the morning.

Heading back to Tec Towers, I had a hankering for some good wholesome hearty grub, but couldn’t decide what.

When I got home there was so many ingredients in Tec’s cupboard offering so many possibilities that I slammed it shut. My head had been hurting from too many choices all day.

Toot’s looked up from painting her nails and asked: “What’s cooking, Tec?”

“Nothing” I shouted and told her she had two minutes to get ready while I fired up the Buick.

Nothing gets the Moll moving faster than the promise of a night out. She was there in one and a half.

I had passed Guy’s Restaurant and Bar in Candleriggs earlier that day on a wild goose chase in Merchant City and peered inside.

It looked intriguing and promised so much more than the easy to miss exterior suggested.

We were shown to a table at a booth with green leather seats, by friendly waiting staff and offered water and bread while we perused the menu.

We were seated a little too close to the couple at the next table, so much so that Toots wondered if they could be listening in on our chat.

“That’s my job,” I told her but I decided they deserved their privacy as much as we did and decided to enjoy the food and company at my own table.

The menu offered several possibilities and the prospect of making a decision loomed dark over me again.

Then I spotted the solution right there on the menu. Glasgow Tapas.

A trio of little Scottish dishes was promised, haggis, neeps and tatties, mince and tatties and steak pie with, of course what else? chips.

A ready-made decision made for the indecisive.

Before my meat and tattie feast we had another conundrum.

For a starter, Toots was drawn to the vegetable Gyoza, but what is it?

It turned out to be a little pastry parcel of pureed vegetables. The waiter recommended it and he was spot on.

It was duly noted and Blondie said she will be looking out for it on other menus.

I had the smoked mackerel which was delicious and flaked nicely on the fork and melted on the tongue.

Then came the mains.

Toots decided that only a steak would do tonight and a sizeable sirloin arrived, cooked exactly as ordered with chips and peas.

The Glasgow Tapas worked a treat, small enough to be considered tapas but put together provided a hearty main course perfect for the cold autumn night outside.

Home style, hearty food but cooked and presented professionally.

Had they been ordered individually as a main course each would have passed the test.

A desert of chocolate brownie with ice cream finished off the meal nicely.

The restaurant is in a continental style and the addition of a pianist and singer added to the easy, relaxed atmosphere.

Not too loud to be obtrusive but enough to appreciate the talent.

So much so, we decided to move to the small bar area to finish our drinks while Toots sang along to the classics.

Not too loudly mind, we didn’t want to clear the joint.

All in all, Guys Restaurant and Bar was top notch with excellent, simple well cooked dishes, good professional service, not over the top and a dining space that wouldn’t be out of place in a continental city.