“WE’VE won!,” Toots exclaimed from the other room.

Won what? I asked myself, sorting through my files and racking my brain to remember what on earth I had signed up for.

The lottery? No surely not, we gave up on that years ago.

I wandered through to the living room trying to feign excitement. She’ll kill me if I forget something else. Toots diagnosed me with selective hearing almost immediately after we met and only recently have I realised she might have a point...

“Great news!”, I said.

“You better get your winter stuff looked out because it will probably be freezing,” she replied. 

Now I was really confused.

As I toddled back into my study, Toots was straight on the phone to her sister telling her that we’d managed to get tickets for the Christmas lights switch-on.

The stress of applying for tickets suddenly came rushing back to me.

“Great, we’ll meet you after dinner then,” she said before hanging up.

After digging out a scarf I’d been gifted a few Christmases ago and my trusty hat, we jumped in the Buick and headed into town.

Toots said she fancied something “substantial” to keep her warm as we would waiting around in the cold.

“How about that quirky pub on Renfield Street? The crow I think it’s called.”

Toots responded with a blank stare. “Sounds very dark,” she said.

We finally pulled up at The Raven, a joint I’d often wandered past on 
my way to the train but never actually ventured into.

The pub/restaurant was busy with locals grabbing a quick drink before the monotony of the working week got into full swing. Glancing at the menu set all my manly tastebuds into full motion – Ribs, burgers, wings and steaks. It was a meat lover’s dream.

I couldn’t quite settle on one thing, so went for the sliders.

Out of a choice of four, I opted for an old faithful beef burger and Cajun chicken and sour cream. Of course I couldn’t resist the mac and cheese fritter with smokey ketchup as well.

Toots went for a mac and cheese offering as well (our love of the food is about the only thing we agree on these days).

She upgraded to the meaty mac with beef brisket.

The food was served up not long after we were done deciding. My sliders were the ideal size to fill you up without giving you the post-burger bloat.

The mac and cheese fritter stood out among the three which were all slightly let down by dry brioche buns. I opted to take my chicken out and eat it on its own.

The meaty mac and cheese looked like a feast even without the beef brisket. 

Toots wolfed it down before moving on to her garlic ciabatta.

We opted for the Tunnocks caramel and toffee sundae for dessert which essentially was as expected – a mashed caramel wafer with ice cream and caramel. 

I’d have rather just had the biscuit but it’s nice to try something new I told myself.

And with that we were back in the cold ready for the big countdown. 

“I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas already Tec. We better start shopping,” Toots said gazing up at me from behind the collar of her fur coat. 

“Any excuse,” I said.


Meaty mac £8.50
Sliders £4 each or 3 for £11

Tunnocks caramel and toffee sundae £5
House white wine £12.95
TOTAL £37.45

The Raven, 81-85 Renfield St, Glasgow G2 1LP, UK

Phone: 0141 332 6151

Email: hello@theravenglasgow.com

Food ***

Atmosphere ****

Service ***