MY hair is of the dry and frizzy variety and winter weather just makes it worse.

Add in to that, it's on the thin side and generally needs quite a bit of work to look good.

I've tried a variety of leave-in conditioners but I'm generally left with a sticky residue that feels as if it should have been rinsed out.

This blend by the online brand Colorproof claims it will result in 375% stronger hair and 510% greater damage recovery. A more modest 100% improvement would be enough but I'm seduced by their bold claims.

I like the fact it's cruelty-free and contains no sulphate and isn't too pricey, retailing at around £13.50.

The blurb says its contains the African super fruit, Baobab, along with soy lipids, exclusive proteins, Keravis and rare essential oils to strengthen, fortify and repair from the inside.

I try in on a rushed morning before work and apply as directed to damp hair after washing and blasting with heat.

My hair definitely feels thicker and healthier with noticeably less frizz and my quite tired colour looks brighter so it lives up to the hype.

Verdict - Three stars.