On my quest for that glowy skin you see on Instagram, I stopped off at the Proform Aesthetic Clinic in Glasgow’s South Side to try out their ‘Ultimate Skin Package’.

The clinic first popped up on my social media a few months ago with photos of their clients looking like #skingoals and before long I had convinced myself I needed to have the same treatment. 

Owner Georgia Mcnulty designed the Ultimate Skin Package with the help of her years of experience in skincare.

The process begins with Dermaplaning, which removes dead skin cells and hair (peach fuzz) from your face. Admittedly my face isn’t overly hairy and I make a habit of exfoliating each night so the results weren’t ground breaking for me but the feeling of your skin starting completely fresh is worth it.

Second comes the Enzymatic Mask before the Chemical Skin Peel.

I was a bit nervous before undergoing the peel because I’ve always been a bit of a baby when it comes to my skin. I hasn’t given me many problems over the years except the occasional stop and relentless dullness so I haven't had much reason to blast it with chemicals.

The peel goes on like a thick gel with a bit of stinging. The sensation can only be compared to what I imagine being stung all over the face with a nettle or pricked with loads of needles is like but before long it’s all over and you’re ready for the final step.

LED Light Therapy consists of a mask which blasts light beams into your skin for rejuvenation. After a traumatic few minutes, my skin enjoys the 20+ minutes it has to collect its thoughts while in the mask.

Before I know it, I’m done and ready to re-enter the world with my brand new skin. The only condition is - don’t touch it with your hands or face for at least 24 hours. The hardest test I’ve ever sat. Admittedly I’m not the best at following instructions.

In the days after my treatment, I had a few bumps appearing on my skin which I’ve been told it normal. By a week later, my skin seemed to have sorted itself out - my makeup is going on better, my skin is less dry and definitely not as dull.

As well as a new found respect for a good skin care routine, I walked away with two realisations - skin > makeup. If you don’t take care of your skin, your makeup won’t look its best. And second, I need to start spending more £££s on skin products. Georgia recommends only using products that are medicated.

On top of offering amazing treatments, Proform Aesthic Clinic is easy to get to and makes for a nice relaxing environment.

Rating: ****

RRP: £160

Check out Proform Aesthetic Clinic here.