WINTER isn’t a friend to hair on the dry and frizzy side, like mine.

Central heating, frost and rain is a moisture-sapping combination.

David Nicholson, owner of Rainbow Room, Royal Exchange Square, which is celebrating its 25th birthday, says it’s nothing I’m doing wrong, it's just the hair I was born with. Now made worse by those delightful 'silvers’ coming through, which have a coarser texture.

He tells me to steer clear of mouses and gels, it’s the moisturising serums and sprays that are my friend. According to David, it's also worth spending a bit more on hair products, especially if you have ‘problem’ hair like mine. The salon uses their own branded range as well as Kerastase and I know they deliver good results.

In the meantime, I’m getting the latest smoothing treatment by Nanokeratin, the market leader in frizz-busters, which should hopefully make me hair more manageable for the next few months.

This latest model contains no formadelhyde, the chemical that helps achieve the smoothing result has gradually been reduced because of concerns over its toxicity.

Evening Times:

Due to this change, there is a slightly different technique involved but it’s still a lengthy process. If you don’t like a lot of faffing over your hair, this is not the treatment for you.

My hair is washed twice and rough dried and then David assesses it to determine how long he will need to leave the magic potion on. Previously, it was left on for 30 as standard but treatments are now a bit more personalised.

Unlike the previous treatment, you don't have to leave the salon with poker-straight hair, which is a bit more flattering for my long, oval face. And there’s no need to wait three days before washing.

David decides on 20 minutes and the product is then combed through.

My hair is then given one quick rinse blowdried and straightened and then washed and style dried.

Expect to spend a good chunk of time in the chair but it’s a chance to to relax, and that’s never time wasted.

Evening Times:

The salon has recently undergone a major revamp with a more open-plan, spacious feel and bright modern, polished interiors so it’s a nice environment to spend time in. It’s also the only salon to have a dedicated floor for beauty and relaxation treatments.

It's best to get this new treatment done before colouring your hair, as it may alter the shade slightly. In my case, there is a slight yellowing of my highlights but I'm assured that a couple of washes should resolve it. The treatment also leaves hair with a strange smell after the first few washes. However, it may be the price to pay for having less toxins in the treatment and I'm pleased with the end result - frizz-free, healthy looking hair.

Keratin smoothing treatments at RainbowRoom Royal Exchange Square start at £50.