SKIN treatments for acne-prone skin and blemishes are usually at the less glamorous end of the beauty care market.

Institut Esthederm, the Paris-based skincare specialists, have tried to buck the trend with this £37 serum which comes in a scientific-looking pipette bottle and attractive navy and silver packaging.

The Intensive Propolis serum inside is a liquid rather than a gel and best applied by soaking a few drops onto a cotton wool pad.

They recommend applying morning and evening daily after cleansing.

Propolis - a mix of resinous substances collected by bees - acts as a purifying antiseptic and there is no denying that the serum has more of a medicinal scent compared to most face creams and serums.

It feels a bit oily at first, which is not necessarily what you want if you have spot-prone skin, but it soaks in quickly and left my skin feeling soft and supple.

It promises to heal and decongest the skin by clearing out blocked pores and preventing blemishes as a result of the active ingredients which emlimate the bacterial flora on the skin.

Collagen regeneration is also said to be stimulated by the serum, helping to speed up skin renewal and clear imperfections faster.

I'm not sure I can say that I noticed a striking difference in my skin in relation to blackheads, but the texture felt better and reddish marks seemed to fade.

If you have problem skin, it might be worth a shot.

Intensive Propolis Serum 30ml

by Institut Esthederm