ACTRESS Keira Knightly used them to plump up her fine locks and they were a firm fixture on this year's Oscars red carpet.

If you have ever wondered how Kylie Jenner switches from a bouncy bob to mermaid-esque locks in the space of a few hours, then wonder no more.

Tape In temporary hair extensions are a relatively new addition to the market but according to Michael, of celebrity favourite Taylor Ferguson, are surging in popularity because they can practically be done in the time it takes to eat your lunch.

Evening Times:

According to research good hair days do more than just boost our mood, they can even improve productivity and relieve stress too. As the star of Fleabag says, “hair is everything", and I tend to agree.

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Michael kindly tells me I've got a "decent head of hair" but it's just not the swishy mane I sometimes yearn for without a decent blow dry, meaning that most days it's tied back for work.

He explains that most celebrities have had a bit of help to achieve Kate Middleton-esque locks but it’s not always obvious so we shouldn’t feel bad if we feel our doesn't measure up and hair does naturally thin as we age. It's volume I’m looking for rather than Love Island lengths. 

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Taylor Ferguson use only Great Length extensions, which are ethically sourced and are sent to the Little Princess Trust to create wigs for children affected by cancer once they are returned to the salon.

I’ve had bonded extensions before so it’s no surprise to see how incredible the colour match is. It looks like my hair laid out in strips, just a lot healthier.

My hair is washed and blowdried before Michael sections it off and applies each strip. It’s a speedy process, the tapes just clip together but of course the real skill is where the extensions are applied to ensure a perfect blend and fill out the areas that need the most plumping up. You really shouldn’t be able to tell that someone has had extensions, Michael explains. 

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It’s fun to feel the swish of the hair at its full lenght and if that is your hair goal then it’s a very natural effect and enjoy the glamour! However, it’s a bit too much maintenance for me. I run three times a week and I think a shorter, fuller look is more flattering if you are over 40.

Evening Times:

Michael then sets to work trimming and tapering the extensions to achieve my perfect length, putting me completely at ease during the process. You will not leave the salon until you are 100 per cent happy with the result. He encourages me to pop back to the salon at any point if I feel the look needs tweaked in any way.

Maintenance wise, it’s exactly the same as bonded extensions. Great lengths has a range to help keep the extensions looking and feeling great but a good quality sulphate free shampoo will also do the job and it is advised to use a gentle cleaning motion.

Evening Times:

You should make sure the area where the tapes are is fully dried but it's fine to leave the hair to dry naturally. Other than that, brush once a day and loosely tie it back for sleep. I've had about 20 strips added and they feel extremely light.

The extensions have a lovely natural wave but also curl beautifully with styling tools.

Tape In Exensions last from six to eight weeks but can be re-applied up to four times meaning they are extremely versatile and perfect for holidays, special occasions or just a feel-good boost.

Evening Times:

The results are exceptionally good and when I go into work the next day, two people tell me my hair looks good but no one guesses I’ve had a little help. 

A half head of GL Tapes costs from £500 depending on length and volume with subsequent removal, re-taping and re-application priced from £300.  

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