YOU know that sensation when your shoulders feel permanently hunched, no matter how straight you try to sit?

A life of arching forward to type at a keyboard or hold bike handles or a steering wheel has been making me feel like, as my gran used to say, a half shut knife.

After 20 years of ballet classes I really cringe at my declining posture.

Among the solutions, a colleague recommended a really thorough massage at Revival Retreat, a Glasgow-owned beauty salon with branches on Renfield Street and Byres Road.

I book in for a combined holistic treatment, which includes just over 30 minutes of a Candle Massage and another 30 of reflexology.

The Candle Massage is the salon's newest offering and - they say - the most luxurious.

My treatment is with Elaine, who is knew to Revival Retreat but very experienced.

Once I've lain down on the bed hot oil from the aromatherapy candle, in Revival Retreat's signature blend, is dripped over my back and arms.

The warm candle oil is incredibly soothing.

Elaine puts firm pressure on my muscles. It's almost painful but not quite and I can feel my neck and shoulders easing as she works, the knots loosening.

It's over far too quickly and then it's time for my reflexology.

Reflexology works on the theory that points in the feet correspond to areas of the body and so massaging the feet in a specific way will ease ailments and tension elsewhere.

Elaine has me turn over and begins to work on my feet without any oil.

This is my first time experiencing reflexology and so I'm not sure what to expect.

While I felt quite alert during the candle massage I begin to feel sleepy as my feet are rubbed.

It is incredibly relaxing and - I don't know what to make of this - I begin to see bursting squares in navy blue whereas all had been dark before.

I can't say that I feel the effects anywhere else in my body but it's certainly very soothing and a lovely experience.

My treatment finishes with a glass of water and a skewer of fresh fruit, which is a nice touch and adds to my overall sense of wellbeing.

I'm allowed to stay in the room until I feel ready to get up and go on with my day.

After the massage I feel lighter and my posture is much easier and more relaxed.

I can imagine regular treatments being of real benefit but even for a one off treat, the experience is well worth it.

Revival Retreat combined holistic treatment £60 or £40 for the individual treatments

Four stars