Who are you?

I’m Laura Ellis and I’m the face behind ‘Let’s face It’ I’m 38 years old and I’m from Glasgow. I have a husband Darren and I’m Mum to 4 monsters! - Cara (11), Ethan (7), Zachary (3), Rosalie (9 months) I’ve been a stay at home mum for almost 10 years now as my husband usually works away from home.

What does your business do?

I’m a face painter! It feels strange and exciting to be classifying myself as anything other than Mum!

Where are you based?

I travel to various different locations – leisure centres, church halls, soft play, school fayres, clients homes. Wherever the party or event is being held. At home is where I do all my prep work, source my paints and accessories, research designs, paperwork, and lots of practice!

How did you get started?

The first time I ever face painted was for my daughter’s Halloween party at school 6 years ago. A very basic skeleton! Every year after that I got a bit more daring with my designs and by then I had my son to practice on too! About 3 years ago I was asked to facepaint at a community event. That was my first experience of being a ‘proper’ facepainter and I absolutely loved every second. Since that day I’ve been completely obsessed and I subscribe to so many amazing facepainters’ youtube channels, facebook pages, and Instagram pages and drool over their work!

What is your background?

My background is actually in hospitality management. From the age of 18 I always worked in various bars and restaurants until my daughter was born in 2006. Then I had a spell working in the banking industry in a sales executive role until I became a stay at home mum in 2009. Ive always been artistic though and always had a pad full of doodles at my desks wherever I worked!

What is your top tip?

If you have a passion and a talent for something, and it makes you happy then embrace it. You never know if that little hobby could become the career of your dreams.

How long has your business been running?

I’m a very new business, August 2017. I finally had the confidence to turn my passion into a business and so far, its been great!

What was your first deal?

My first event I facepainted at, as an actual hired painter was a little boy’s birthday party. I’ll be honest I was absolutely terrified! All the doubts were running through my head – what if they hated the designs, what if I was actually rubbish at this!? As always though, the minute I started painting all that faded away and I was in my element. And people actually took my business cards away with them! So it went really well.

Who is inspiration?

There are so many artists I admire. Ashlea Henson as her tutorials on Youtube were the first ones I ever tried. Heather Green from Sillyfarm and FabaTV is just fantastic and Olga Murasev is someone I definitely aspire to be like. I’m actually saving to put towards studying at Olga’s International Face Painting School. To learn from one of the best artists in the business would be a dream come true!

Useful contacts: @LetsFaceItfacepainting and Instagram @letsfaceit.facepainting and business email is lets.faceit.facepaintingbylaura@gmail.com