BACK in the old days, occasions like weddings, christenings and graduations were very much adult affairs.

Things have changed and now most big life events are shared with all the family, including kids of all ages, which means junior – or juniors plural – also has to be kitted out in the right gear.

Big occasions call for something more formal, something special, an outfit that will look good in the pictures but also ad last the rigours of being worn by an active youngster who want to run around and play.

With this in mind, River Island has just launched a new collection of kids’ occasionwear that is bound to catch the eye – and it won’t damage the wallet too much.

As the latest campaign photography shows, there’s a plethora of gorgeous dresses, skirts and tops for girls, all made from luxurious materials, but with plenty of room for running in. For the boys, meanwhile, there’s a full range of smart trousers, waistcoats and jackets.

Mum and dad had better look out or they’ll be upstaged.

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