THEY first appeared on our clothing around 250 years ago, but it’s now practically impossible to imagine life without pockets.

Useful for holding keys, receipts and a plethora of rubbish, or simply somewhere to put your hands when you’re feeling cold or awkward, the pocket is now a mainstay of contemporary style that can bring shape and sophistication to any garment.

Derived from the old French word “poque”, meaning bag, pockets were originally small pouches that were tied to the wearer, before eventually mophing into the sewn-in design we know today.

Changing fashions and gender roles have influenced how pockets have changed over the years, but they continue to play an important role in terms of both style and function.

Swedish brand Cos, which has a flagship store in Glasgow’s Princes Square, is celebrating the pocket this summer with a range of lovely jackets, dresses and bags.