Love coffee? Ever tried it in a cold cocktail? Or had a go at home roasting?

The Glasgow Coffee Festival is coming.

The event – which brings together artisan roasters, top class cafes, masterclasses, workshops and tasting sessions under one roof at the Briggait – takes place on May 4 and 5.

Founder Lisa Lawson says it is a chance to celebrate the industry in style.

“We are seeing innovations and new ideas all the time,” she says. “Top trends to look out for include coffee cocktails - cold coffee is really gaining in popularity - and a rise in home roasting and grinding.

“We have seen a marked uptake in decaff beverages, for those who like the taste of coffee, but don’t want the kick.

“Consumers also want more transparency, as small roasting businesses form more direct trade links to coffee farms, and there’s a rise in environmental awareness. More and more consumers are shunning disposable cups in favour of more eco-friendly reusable ones.”

Festival organisers are asking visitors to bring their own reusable cup to help combat the 30,000 tonnes of coffee cup waste produced in the UK each year.

KeepCup will be on hand to loan reusable cups to anyone who needs to borrow one for the day.