A GLASGOW Indian restaurant is offering customers the chance to try some unique leaves from an Asian plant as part of National Vegetarian Week.

Arbi pathrode is made from the leaves of the arbi root, one of the most ancient cultivated crops known in the world.

Various parts of the plant are eaten by making different dishes. 

The particular side dish recipe prepared by chef JD at Candleriggs restaurant The Dhabba uses ingredients like (gram flour) ginger green chilli paste, turmeric powder and mustard seeds. The leaves are then wrapped around the mixture and made into tiny cylinders or rolls, steamed and cut into slices which are then fried.

Dhabba owner Navdeep Basi said: “We always try to give our customers an authentic taste of North India.

"For Veggie Week, from May 13 to 19, we have sourced this unusual Indian vegetable and prepared it as a £4.95 side dish.

"Arbi pathrode is often prepared for special occasions, including parties or festivals, and is an amazing dish which is liked by people of all age groups.

"The flavourful ingredients are the key to the amazing taste of arbi leaves snack.”