A GLASGOW dim sum restaurant is embracing the vegetarian and vegan trend by offering up some special dishes.

Colin Wan has been running Dim Sum restaurant on West Nile Street for just nine months now. Over that period, he has worked tirelessly to introduce as many new dishes to cater for as many customers as possible.

This week, which is also National Vegetarian Week, the 37-year-old is making sure he and his team are not alienating customers who are bucking the rising meat-free diet trend.

On Dim Sum’s menu is Buddha’s delight, a classic Asian stir fry and mixed vegetables with fried tofu and wood ear mushrooms and also steamed tofu , garlic, spring onions and warm soy sauce.

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Chow sum and garlic sauce is the third dish with the fourth made using dry tofu with mixed vegetables and crispy noodles.

Colin described how he and his team tailor their monthly vegan specials.

He added: “We have an extensive vegetarian menu section that can be altered to suit vegan requirements. All customers have to do is ask their server and they will adjust the menu to suit.

“Not are we just offering these four new dishes, but there are other ones to come in the near future.”

We reported last year how respected Glasgow restaurateur Gerry Wan threw in his chef’s hat and passed the gauntlet onto Colin as he retired.

Gerry, the brainchild behind some of the city’s most popular Oriental eateries, had over 50 years’ experience in the restaurant business. In Glasgow, he started out in Loon Fung on Sauchiehall Street, still a firm favourite for many diners in the city.

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He also opened up Sichuan House and Nanakusa, also on Sauchiehall Street, as well as Nippon Kitchen on West George Street

Last year, Colin spent two months travelling around East Asia where he worked with food and took up cookery lessons, gathering ideas to bring back to Dim Sum, including all things meat-free.

Colin added: “We’ve been told it’s great that we’re doing this in time for National Vegetarian Week as well.”

National treasures Stephen Fry and Joanna Lumley threw their support behind National Vegetarian Week 2019 as it kicked off on Monday, lasting until tomorrow.

Launched by the Vegetarian Society, it gives the public the chance to join millions of people enjoying veggie food.

The society’s Graham Drummond said: “Every veggie meal can have a positive effect on climate change and we’re thrilled our celebrity supporters are spreading the message with us.

“Not everyone knows where to start so we compiled 50 fun new things for the public to try, such as tucking into a veggie full-Scottish breakfast, sharing gelatine-free sweets, doing a dairy-free milk taste-test or choosing the tofu dish from the local Chinese takeaway.

“Visit the website at nationalvegetarianweek.org to see them all and pick a perfect bite-sized activity to get started. There are also loads of incredible veggie offers and discounts as well.”


It recently came to light that a third of Britons now eat less meat or none at all, with one in eight now identifying as vegan or vegetarian as the trend continues to rise, a survey for the annual Waitrose Food and Drink report suggested.