GLASGOW has been named the third best city in the UK when it comes to its vegan and veggie offering.

Scotland’s biggest (and best) city came behind Edinburgh and Brighton and Hove for the number of restaurants that now cater for non-meat eaters.

The findings come from company Kitchen Knives which analysed 30 of the UK’s largest towns and cities and ranked them on a variety of factors, including the availability of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, variety of cuisine and quality and affordability.

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From this, Glasgow was found to have one of the best vegetarian and vegan food scenes.

Vickie Hawley, marketing manager at Kitchen Knives, said: “With UK cities offering so many different cuisines and tastes, from street food to Michelin star restaurants, we really are a diverse country for dining and we wanted to celebrate the towns and cities, including Glasgow.

“When we think of foodie travels, our first thought is typically London as it has so much to offer, however, it’s great to see Glasgow in there too.

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It’s good to see so many UK cities and towns offering more in the way of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, with two Scottish cities in the top three for the most vegan/veggie restaurants - it looks as though Scotland is leading the way for more plant-based diets.”