IT disappeared suddenly from shelves back in 2003 – but after a campaign, the popular Heinz Beanz pizza looks set to make a comeback at a Glasgow restaurant.

Deliveroo and Heinz are joining forces to bring back the “much-missed” blast from the past, in a new, fresh format from tomorrow.

Celebrating Heinz 150th birthday and available exclusively on Deliveroo, bosses say the pizza is “back with a bang.”

The twist on the Italian classic will be available only through Pizza Punks on St Vincent Street, just a stone’s throw away from Buchanan Street.

Since being discontinued back in the early noughties, there has been an outpouring from thousands of Brits desperate to see the teatime treat return, including a petition launched in 2017 calling for the “childhood favourite” to be brought back.

The petition back in 2017 stated: “The production of the Heinz Baked Beanz pizza with sausage stopped in 2003 and was a childhood favorite for some of us. Quite simply looking for support to show that there is still a market for these pizzas and that they should be brought back.”

Opinion at the time of the petition was split, with some questioning why it should be brought back, while others welcomed its return.

One supporter of the petition at the time wrote: “Why would anyone want this to return?”

Another added: “This country

has been starved of greats for

many decades and many foods have been stolen from the next generation. This tragedy must come to an end.”

Another remained neutral, but said: “Baked Beanz pizza lovers are in the minority. I think it’s disgraceful how they have been treated. I don’t like Baked Beanz pizzas myself, but I respect that others seriously need them in their lives.”

Working with a network of restaurants across the UK, Deliveroo has gastronomically upgraded the original margherita and sausage pizzas.

Only 150 limited-edition Heinz Beanz pizzas will be available per restaurant, while stocks last, at Pizza Punks.

The pizzas start at £7.50 in ode to the 75p tin of Heinz Beanz.

Joe Groves, of Deliveroo said: “The Heinz Beanz pizza was an absolute nineties cult classic, so we’re sprinkling a touch of magic and bringing it back into customers’ homes for 2019. There are only 150 being made for each restaurant, so get it while it’s hot.”

Fabio Megid Pinto, at Heinz, added: “We couldn’t be happier to be relaunching the iconic Heinz Beanz pizza with Deliveroo for our 150th birthday. We know there are some true fans of our nineties frozen pizzas out there and – after a 16-year wait – hope they’re as happy today as we are to hear this absolute classic is available again, even for a limited time.”

The team has even created versions for vegans to enjoy as meat-free diets continue to rise across the country.

As reported by the Evening Times previously, a third of Britons are eating less meat or none at all, with one in eight identifying as vegan or vegetarian.

A further fifth of consumers

(21 per cent) described themselves as “flexitarian,” eating an increasing amount plant-based meals without eliminating meat from their diet entirely, a survey for the annual Waitrose Food and Drink report suggested.