HOTEL bosses who hire foreign workers were today warned to be model employers or face legal action.

It comes after three Polish women won £16,000 compensation when a Glasgow employment tribunal ruled they had been the victims of race discrimination and were unfairly sacked.

City solicitor Alexander McBurney, who represented the women, said: "This is an example of how badly immigrant workers can be treated by unscrupulous employers.

"This case fires a shot across other employers who may think they can treat immigrant workers as if they do not have any rights, that they do have rights and these rights will be upheld in law."

Mr McBurney's warning comes after the case of sisters Joanna and Lydia Wisniewska and friend Sylvia Pionkowska who worked at the Glendaruel Hotel in Clachan of Glendaruel, Colintraive in Argyll and Bute.

The three arrived last spring but almost immediately Clive Jeffries, who co-owned the hotel with Jackie Jeffries, began humiliating them in front of drinkers in the bar by calling them his "Polish slaves".

The three also said they were forced to work long hours and were short changed in wages.

Joanna welcomed the tribunal victory. She said: "We were being treated unfairly and want other migrant workers to know they can get help in situations like this."

The Jeffries couldn't be contacted for comment. They no longer have links with the hotel.

The new owner, Paul Smythe, said: "They created a bad reputation in the community but we're turning things around."