CASH-STRAPPED Albion Rovers Football Club could be forced out of business because of repeated vandal attacks at their ground.

Teenage thugs have ripped up seating, sprayed graffiti and smashed windows at the Division 3 side's Cliftonhill home in a series of attacks.

Sickened directors today warned the future of the club was at stake because of the wrecking spree in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire.

In the latest incident, vandals broke into the stadium, destroyed two rows of seats in the main stand and broke window panes.

Gangs had already caused widespread damage at the ground over the last six weeks, costing the club several thousands of pounds.

Club director Pat Rolink said: "We can't sustain these losses. We won't be here if this vandalism continues. That's the stark reality.

"People often talk about how much they love Albion Rovers but we are now at the stage when we need people to stand up and be counted and help their local football team.

"What's more sickening is that we are working so hard to bring the local community in and this is still happening. If this continues, the losses are unsustainable."

The club has invested more than £50,000 over the last 18 months to improve the main stand, dressing rooms and boardroom facilities at the 1250-capacity stadium.

But the board fears Rovers could go the wall if they are faced with more bills.

Mr Rolink said: "People have refused to take responsibility about what's happening in their local community with regards to anti-social behaviour."

Police in Coatbridge have installed two mobile CCTV cameras in a bid to catch the vandals, who are believed to be around 15 years old.

Dougie McFadzean, a community safety officer, said: "This is a great club to work with because they all have a real love for Albion Rovers.

"It's such a shame all their hard work is being treated in this way."

A statement on the club's website today urged local firms to help them meet the mounting repair costs.