A MAN who tried to steal a drugs stash was stamped and kicked to death by four thugs, a court has heard.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that during the attack William Brown, 44, suffered a fractured skull among his fatal injuries.

Jamie Byrne, 21, of Broadholm Street, Darren Taylor, 20, of Mingulay Street, Joseph Bennet, 17, of Ashgill Road, Milton, and Stephen Dunn, 16, of Westray Street, Milton, all Glasgow, admitted the culpable homicide of Mr Brown on July 19 or 20, last year, in the park between Ashfield Street, and Broadholm Street, Parkhouse, Glasgow.

The four had been charged with murder but their pleas to a reduced charge were accepted.

The court heard that they kicked and stamped on Mr Brown, of Hawthorn Street, Possilpark, and struck him with a wooden pole.

On July 19 last year Mr Brown and began searching in the bushes before being spotted by Bennett and Dunn.

Minutes later Dunn and Bennett, Byrne and another person chased Mr Brown pulled him to the ground and were "jumping on his head".

The court heard that Taylor "stomped right down" on the victim's chest and punched and kicked him.

Mr Brown's body was found the next morning.

The four had the sentences deferred until next month.

Byrne, Taylor and Bennett were remanded while Dunn was bailed.