In under 10 seconds on a peaceful Sunday morning in June, the Glasgow skyline was altered forever.

Demolition of flat numbers 40/80 and 45/85 Stirlingfauld Place, south-east of the city centre in the Gorbals, signalled the continued regeneration of the area.

Approximately 120 kilograms of explosives blew the buildings down, as nearby residents - many evacuated from homes in the shadows of the tower blocks - watched on.

Erected in the 1970's, the 276 flats in each of the two 23-storey high buildings had been unoccupied since last September, with the majority of the residents finding new homes in the nearby area.

It could take up to four months to clear the 50,000 tonnes of rubble on the site, before more modern housing - both private and socially rentable - is constructed.