SHE'S stunning, she's frightfully posh - and she's about to shake the very foundations of Shieldinch.

Cloudia Swann is the new siren to star in BBC Scotland's River City.

She's set to appear in the soap as the new love interest to Gray O'Brien's character and serial womaniser Billy Davies.

But there's no doubt she will stand out like a sore thumb.

In a week that sees the Evening Times runs a series of River City features to celebrate five years of the soap, we can reveal Cloudia, from Bristol, will play Sophie, a cash-flashing lady whose Prada world will invade the cosiness of Shieldinch's Primark.

"This is a lady whose second home is Harvey Nicks," says 25-year-old Cloudia.

"She has lots of daddy's money to spend. And what will be interesting is to see the reaction she gets when she arrives in the soap later this month."

Cloudia's star appears to be fast-rising. She appears in new movie, Shoot On Sight, has a role in Sky One's Dream Team and a part in a new sitcom for BBC3, as yet unnamed.

"It's fantastic the way things are going for me," she says.

"I'm just out of drama college a couple of years and I've had such a range of contrasting roles. But to land a part in River City is fantastic. It's really great to put on the very posh accent and lord it up a bit."

Her River City co-star Gray meanwhile, has just taken up a role in Coronation Street as Tony Gordon, the new boyfriend of Carla Connor, the widow who runs the Underworld factory.