ALMOST two hundred more tenants are set to break away from Glasgow Housing Association control.

Tenants in Provanhall in the east end have voted yes in a Second Stage Transfer ballot, making them the sixth local housing organisation in Glasgow to take direct control of their homes and community.

The poll saw 103 of the 193 tenants eligible to vote in Provanhall cast a ballot, a turnout of 53.4%, and 91 of them voted in favour of the transfer.

The result affects tenants in Auchinlea Road, Conisborough Road, Duffus Street, Whitslade Street and Balcurvie Road.

Scottish Ministers will now be asked to give their consent and later this year Provanhall's 194 homes could transfer from GHA to Provanhall Housing Association Ltd, who have managed the housing stock in the area since 2004 on behalf of GHA.

Patricia Gallagher, director of Provanhall Housing Association, said: "We are thrilled to have had a resounding success in the ballot - by using their vote the community has echoed our feelings to bring the best future to the people of Provanhall.

"There's a fantastic atmosphere here as we celebrate a landmark towards which we've been working hard for five years.."

Sandra Forsythe, tenant chair of GHA, said: "We are delighted that another Second Stage Transfer looks set to go ahead. This is real testimony to all the hard work and dedication of GHA staff, the Local Housing Organisation and Provanhall Housing Association over the past five years."

A further 30 Local Housing Organisations, who manage 18,959 houses on behalf of GHA, are still progressing through the Second Stage Transfer process and local tenant ballots are expected to take place in at least eight of these areas by the end of the year.

Tenant John Percy, 88, has lived in Provanhall for more than 50 years. He said: "It's much better for people like me when we know those looking after us and our homes.

"It helps to create a better environment and a great community spirit."