IT'S alarming that children as young as 11 have been caught in possession of airguns or realistic replica firearms.

The dangers of airguns are well-known, particularly following the tragic death of Easterhouse toddler Andrew Morton.

So how are these guns falling into the hands of children?

They are too young to acquire them legally and the weapons probably belong to older family members, including parents.

Few of them need these guns and the Scottish government is rightly demanding tougher laws.

Westminster has been unhelpful but is currently waking up to the dangers of knife crime and promising action. It's time it did the same on airguns. Old glasses are a far-sighted gift

BASIC eyecare is something people in Scotland too often take for granted.

As Stewart Saunders found, the situation in some African countries could hardly be more different.

His efforts are helping thousands of people in Ghana to see by getting people to hand over their old glasses.

All over Scotland there must be thousands of pairs of discarded spectacles and in some cases they aren't being worn simply because they're no longer fashionable.

That won't be a problem in Ghana so check your cupboards and hand in those old frames.