A BABY'S first birthday is always special - but for the Gibson family today's celebration will be triple the joy.

Triplets Oscar, Indy and Finn are turning one - but just a year ago they, and their mum, were all fighting for their lives.

Dad Daryl Gibson, a Glasgow Warriors rugby player, is delighted they're all now fighting fit.

As he helped his two sons and daughter tuck into their chocolate cake, he said: "You forget how vulnerable and little they were. We are so happy and proud to have got to this stage."

Mum Liana, who was in intensive care after a traumatic Caesarean, said: "It's pretty special - I can't tell you how happy we are.

"The first year has gone so fast. It was very scary when we first brought them home but we wouldn't change it."

The triplets, born eight weeks early and each weighing little more than a bag of sugar, will celebrate their big day today with a party in their garden.

And the lively tots, who are all crawling and nearly walking, will no doubt play on their birthday present, a trampoline.

Liana said: "The birthday party is really to thank all the people who have helped us over the year. We couldn't have coped without them."

The triplets were born on August 25 last year at the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital in Glasgow.

Complications meant Liana, 38, lost so much blood her own life was on the line.

At one stage she and her three babies were all battling for survival.

Daryl, along with the couple's other daughter, two-year-old Poppy, kept a bedside vigil for the month they were all in hospital.

There was even a spell when Liana and smallest baby Oscar, who weighed just 2lb 2oz, were on ventilators at the same time.

Finally all four recovered enough to go home to Darnley. But then things took a turn for the worse. One by one, the babies picked up the RSV virus, which affects the respiratory system and can be fatal in premature babies.

Baby girl Indy even stopped breathing and had to be revived by doctors at Yorkhill Hospital.

But again they beat the odds to pull through.

Now, as they crawl around the living room, there's no sign to indicate their dramatic entry to the world.

Liana said: "Oscar, who was the smallest, is into everything. He smiles at people and everybody is just drawn to him.

"Indy is just a sweet little girl who loves Poppy, and Finn is very laid-back, like his dad.

"We're so lucky - they're such good fun and we laugh a lot."

The triplets were born after the couple had IVF treatment.

The family moved to the UK from New Zealand five years ago when former All Blacks player Daryl joined the Leicester Tigers team. He signed as inside centre with Glasgow Warriors last summer.

And the triplets have already been to see their first Rugby match, when Daryl played in a Classics All Blacks match in Leicester earlier in the year.

Liana said: "They liked all the noise and got quite excited. And whenever the hakka comes on TV they all stop playing and stare at it."

Daryl said: "I definitely think Oscar would be a good little cheeky half-back!"

The family- who spend £400 a week on groceries, including more than 150 nappies - have an au pair, Flora Walter, 25, from France to help out.

And they've even been adopted unofficially by a Glasgow granny, Elizabeth Todd, 74, from Barrhead, who helps look after them.