A DECISION on whether to allow homes to be built in a West End lane has been delayed to allow councillors to visit the site.

Members of the city council's planning committee had been due to consider a move to build four townhouses and 45 flats in Otago Lane which backs on to the River Kelvin.

As they arrived at the City Chambers in advance of the meeting, they were met by a group of protesters demanding the development be refused.

They are among more than 4000 people who have objected to plans to build a new housing development on the site.

A leaflet handed out by the group read: "For the past three years, the greater community of Otago Lane has been fighting a campaign to save it from a development that will not only be a blight on a conservation area, but will threaten 30 jobs and a unique and important community which contributes positively to the economy and image of Glasgow as a city of culture.

"Businesses are threatened with closure should the plans go ahead."

Planning bosses have backed the scheme by city-based Otago Street Developments, but the protesters' leaflet says: "The council's support for the development is irrational.

"It does not serve the community to have more flats, there is no clear economic argument for their existence, it transgresses a multitude of planning laws and will be highly detrimental to the community, environment and heritage which the laws are designed to protect."

Hillhead Green councillor Martha Wardrop is one of a number of politicians who object to the proposal.

She said: "I believe it is vital the planning committee hear evidence from local residents about the impact of the plans on local businesses and the wider community.

"I have requested that representatives of the Otago Lane community association are given an opportunity to put forward their views.

"Residents should be able to express directly to the members of the planning committee how they believe the proposal will affect their lives."

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