RANGERS chief executive Charles Green has attempted to clarify how the club could be facing an employment tribunal involving 67 players.

It follows publication of the Rangers International Football Club share prospectus which said the club face a potential employment tribunal in relation to an alleged failure to inform and consult over the transfer of contracts.

But Charles Green, Chief Executive of Rangers, responded by saying that only six players were raising an action against the club, following reports that the players’ union PFA Scotland had raised an employment tribunal claim on behalf of 67 players.

Mr Green said: “PFA Scotland has raised an employment tribunal claim against the Club supposedly on behalf of 67 unnamed players, alleging a failure to consult on the part of oldco prior to the players’ contracts being transferred on June 14.

“Senior counsel has given a robust opinion that PFA Scotland has no locus or standing to raise such a claim in the circumstances of the case.

“The fact that many of the supposed 67 players are still at Ibrox and have indicated they have no part in this action begs the question why it is being raised at all.”

He added that appeared that a number of players whose contracts were due to terminate at the end of last season and who were never in line to transfer under TUPE have been included in the numbers.

Mr Green added: “A number of former players have already signed agreements with the club waiving any right to participate in this claim.

“In reality, we are talking about six players who have some form of dispute rather than 67.”