A WORLDWIDE hunt has been launched for talented young people to become the circus stars of the future.

Three Glasgow organisations are hoping to recruit performers aged between 15 and 25-years-old to join a youth circus training programme.

They will perform to audiences across Scotland during the Queen's Baton Relay in advance of the Commonwealth Games.

And they could form part of a permanent circus troupe which will be based in the city but tour widely.

The Commonwealth Youth Circus will be dedicated to high octane and spectacular contemporary performance.

Young people selected to take part will be expected to train full-time for nine months from October this year until June next year.

Each person will follow an individually tailored development plan for 20 hours a week, create material with a professional creative team and take masterclasses with international guest tutors.

The Commonwealth Youth Circus is a partnership between Glasgow companies Bright Night International, Glasgow Parkour Coaching and Aerial Edge which are at the forefront of physical training and performance in Scotland.

Producer Phyllis Martin said the idea of creating a Glasgow-based circus was the result of the companies meeting talented individuals.

She explained: "Every so often we came across someone with a real talent but we didn't have the resources to keep pushing that person.

"I have spent about a decade having to export people to schools in Europe or down south to develop their skill levels and keep motivated.

"The Commonwealth Games gave us an opportunity to do something all three companies have been wanting to do which is to create a team of circus performers."

Ms Martin said: "Circus and parkour (free running) are thrilling and exciting but they are both built on an immense level of physical discipline, dedication and focus.

"Circus captures your imagination and takes your breath away so we can't wait to take this young company to the streets bringing these unusual artforms to the public."

Chris Grant, founder of Glasgow Parkour Coaching, is keen to discover fresh potential in Scotland. He said: "We are looking for anyone who is up for the challenge of really high level training.

"We are excited to have the opportunity to develop new talent in and for Glasgow.

"We have a great team ready to help promising young people become the next generation of circus performers."

Ms Martin said it is hoped to recruit 16 young people who have good physical health and strength and a commitment to the training.

She added: "A good basis in dance, gymnastic, acrobatics, circus or parkour is desirable but the tutors are also looking for creativity, watchability and willingness to pitch in.

"Anyone can apply and they don't need to have formal training. There will be a full day audition in September and a second day at the beginning of October.

"The course will be held in Glasgow and training will be available seven days a week.

"We will expect people to train for four or five days every week which is a big commitment."

Auditions for a place on the Commonwealth Youth Circus will be available to young people from around the world.

Ms Martin said: "Because it is a Commonwealth project and because Canada and Australia figure very strongly in the circus sector, we wanted to give all the Commonwealth nations young people a chance to take part in the programme and to give an international flavour to the group.

"Our hope is that after the Commonwealth Games, the young company can change form and became a Scottish or Glasgow company and keep going."

Applications are open until September 3 and to get details on how to apply call 0141 416 0070 or go to www. brightnightinternational.com or www.glasgowparkourcoaching.com