PARALYMPIC stars will gather in Glasgow for a fierce competition this weekend.

For the first time, Glasgow Wheelchair Rugby Club - home of the Caledonian Crushers - will host a tournament for teams from across the UK and Ireland at the Emirates Arena.

Among the big names competing is ParalympicGB star Michael Kerr, who was vice captain for the GB squad at London 2012.

Whenever he visits Glasgow he trains with the Crushers, who are based at the Emirates.

Some of the top players from across the British Isles will descend on Glasgow in teams from Ireland, Wales, the North of England and the Midlands for the two-day competition.

One of the most ­popular sports at the Paralympic Games in London last year, wheelchair rugby - dubbed Murderball - is a full contact sport where players battle to score goals using specially-designed wheelchairs.

The game, which was founded in Canada in 1977, is played on a ­basketball court by teams of four players.

The aim is to thunder the ball over the goal line with two wheels on the floor and the ball in your hands.

All the players have a disability in three of their limbs, with many players having had a spinal injury.

The sport combines aspects of ice hockey, rugby, handball and American football.

Coach Paul Black said: "It's an exciting sport, a mixture of a number of different sports that able-bodied people watch.

"It's like the dodgems that you go on at shows ... with a ball. That's the easiest way to explain it."

The Scotland team is captained by Eddie King and vice captain Joanna Butterfield, the team's only female member.

Doors are opening from 9am until 6pm on Saturday and Sunday, and entry to all matches is free.

Paul added: "The team is extremely excited, they can hardly wait for the competition to come along.

"We have teams coming from Ireland, England and Wales. It is a good starter for the league because it starts two weeks after that.

"This is the most time people in Scotland have the chance to see the top level players playing the sport this country."

For more information about the tournament, visit www.caledonian