Open auditions for the next Star Wars films have kicked off in Glasgow.

Around 1,500 hopefuls turned up for the auditions, with many queuing from as early as 5.30am to be seen at Glasgow's Science Centre at Pacific Quay.

The auditions took place from 11am to 3pm on Saturday and will be run again at the same time on Sunday.

Gates were open from around 6am, but organisers said that, because of the wintry conditions forecast, overnight queuing or camping wouldn't be permitted.

Already there have been five other sets of auditions held from cities around the UK, and four in the US.

The auditions were first meant to be held at the city's Wasp Studios earlier this month, but were put off because of the overwhelming response to an open casting call in Bristol.

Casting directors had to turn people away after around 5000 people turned up over two days.

They said they were confident they could see everyone who matches the roles in the time available.

Producers want to find two young actors to fill lead roles in Star Wars: Episode 7.

They are looking for a young, beautiful, smart, athletic woman to play a 'street smart and strong' orphaned teenage girl in the movie.

They are also searching for a handsome, smart, athletic youngster to fill the role of a 'smart, capable and courageous' man in his late teens or early 20s.

The sci-fi flick will be directed and co-scripted by JJ Abrams, best known for his work on Lost and the last two Star Trek movies.

It is due to begin shooting at Pinewood Studios in Spring 2014 and is scheduled for a 2015 release.

Gordon Horne, 18, travelled with his dad from Edinburgh at 5am to get to the auditions early.

Writing in his blog, he said: "We got to Glasgow and parked in the Hydro Car Park at around 6:15 and by the time we got to the Science Centre, the Queue was open and only I was allowed to go and stand in the queue.

"Eight o'clock was the moment it all changed. The queue started moving. You could feel the buzz of excitement from all who were there as we moved."

Gordon said those auditioning were presented with mirrors to get themselves ready, as well as forms to fill in.

They were also required to bring a headshot of themselves to hand in.

In the interview he was asked questions which included why he liked acting, who his favourite actors and actresses were and what were his favourite movies.

He said the whole process took about 10 minutes.

He added: "Overall I am so glad I went, because now if any more open auditions come up, I'll be able to remember this experience as my first.

"I obviously wasn't told anything, so we'll see what happens in the future...

"Safe to say I probably won't be involved in the making of Star Wars Episode VII... but who knows at this stage? Only time will tell."