GLASGOW'S international music reputation could be about to hit new heights.

A call has been made for a new summer music festival to be launched in the city .

Hillhead councillor Ken Andrew will this week ask the city council to investigate setting up an event along the lines of the world famous South by Southwest Festival, in Austin, Texas, which has previously attracted bands such as the Foo Fighters, Stone Roses and Lady Gaga.

Launched as an industry showcase in 1987, it is now the largest festival of its kind in the world, attracting over 2200 performers and bands over four days.

Mr Andrew believes a similar event could take off in Glasgow.

He has had initial talks with representatives of the music industry and says the response has been positive.

The SNP councillor said: "Glasgow enjoys a international reputation as a major centre for music.

"Many bands and artists started their careers in the city and no major rock act misses Glasgow from their touring schedule.

"South by Southwest showcases new bands and allows established bands to perform new material.

"They are all paid the same, whether they are the biggest band in the world or a new band."

Every band is paid only $250 dollars, with solo performers getting $100.

Mr Andrew said: "Huge number of people go along to hear the bands, with industry people going to hear the breaking trends.

"Given Glasgow has such a renowned reputation for music, it is the kind of place where bands would want to come."

Mr Andrew, who admits that in the past he played bass guitar badly in a "pretty awful" band, said: "People want to take this forward and to become involved, which is very exciting for me.

"It if were to go ahead there would potentially be a big income for the city, because of music fans."

He is suggesting the festival could be held in August, which club owners have told him is traditionally the quietest month of the year.

Mr Andrew will ask city councillors to back his plan at a meeting of the full council on Thursday.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, said: "Glasgow's emergence as a world-class music city is thanks to our enviable major events programme and multi-million pound investment in new infrastructure. We're a hot ticket right now.

"Since opening 12 months ago, our world-class Hydro has become one of the leading entertainment venues in the world, soaring into third place in Pollstar's Top 100 Worldwide Arena rankings ahead of Madison Square Gardens in New York and London's O2 Arena, which is a strong reflection of how Scottish fans have really taken the venue to heart.

"Glasgow is regularly crowned the top place for concerts in the UK outside of London and we're no stranger to praise from some of the world's leading music publications,

"The city is now firmly established as a major player in this exciting industry."