A CAMPAIGN has been launched to turn a temporary park into a permanent city greenspace.

Glasgow's world famous Barrowland Ballroom was celebrated this year with the creation of a £700,000 temporary leisure space on a nearby gap site.

But locals say the Barrowlands Park is a valued addition to the East End - and they want to keep it.

Local man Thomas McMahon has now set up a petition and is urging people citywide to support his bid to save the park.

Mr McMahon was moved to launch the petition after watching the demolition of the B-listed London Road Primary School, to make way for an extension to Celtic Park.

Derelict land bounded by Gallowgate, London Road and Moir Street - the site of the historic Schipka Pass - was turned into a park in June this year.

It was paid for with £660,000 from the council's £6.3 million Calton-Barras Action Plan.

Creative Scotland paid in £35,000 for a public artwork by Jim Lambie, The Album Pathway.

The work lists every band that played at the Barrowland between 1983 and 2013, more than 2000 acts.

Thomas said: "Glasgow takes part in the Stalled Spaces scheme, to put derelict land into temporary use, but those projects are usually very low cost.

"This park cost around £700,000 and I don't think people fully realise that it is temporary.

"I want to make people aware that at any point Glasgow City Council could tear this park down.

"I want to let people know that could happen before it happens, so there is a chance to do something about it.

"The park is well used.

"To get rid of it would be an incredible waste of public money."

London Road Primary, in Parkhead, was razed in February this year to make way for an official Celtic superstore, museum, theatre, cafe, ticket sales and offices.

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: "While it should be remembered that this is a temporary project, we have been delighted by the response to Barrowlands Park.

"It has been a great success since opening, and was a very popular attraction during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and continues to be so, not least for music lovers going to gigs at Barrowland.

"While this park was always intended to be temporary - the land has been designated a development site for some time and would most likely be developed for mixed-use, such as housing and retail - the artwork by Jim Lambie is permanent.

"If and when this site - essentially a stalled space - is developed, then a permanent site for the artwork will be found in the city."

In the first 48 hours, Tommy's petition secured more than 1800 signatures - but he wants many more.

"I'd like to get as many signatures as I possibly can," he said.

"My aim is to take this in front of the council's public petitions committee and put it forward in person.

"When I think about London Road Primary School and then I think that they have built this beautiful park - are they just going to demolish that too?

The first foot you now put in the East End from the city centre is into this lovely park. It is a beautiful gateway to the East End."

John Mason, MSP for Glasgow Shettleston, said a consultation should be held on to how best to use the site.

He said: "I do understand this park was intended as temporary. Clearly any plans for buildings and new facilities could bring welcome jobs to the area.

"However, I have a lot of sympathy with the call to keep it as a park. I could see a lot of people using it in the summer months. Also, it would seem such a waste to spend that money and then effectively throw it all away.

"Therefore, to start with, I would call for a full appraisal and consideration of what this area is best used for."

To sign the petition go to www.you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/make-barrowlands-park-permanent

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