PATIENTS have voiced anger at a health board's decision to axe funding for referrals to Glasgow's Homeopathic Hospital.

NHS Lanarkshire is to stop sending patients to the Centre for Integrated Care from April next year despite overwhelming support from patients to continue the service.

Dr Harpreet Kohli, the board's director of public health, there was "insufficient evidence" that homeopathic remedies improved patients' health.

Homeopathy involves treating people with highly diluted substances with the aim of triggering the body's own healing mechanisms.

More than 200 people each year in Lanarkshire are referred to the hospital, which is based in Gartnavel.

Dozens of patients and advocates of homeopathy contacted the Evening Times to voice their anger at the decision.

Christopher Day said: "It is a tragedy that NHS Lanarkshire has taken this decision but not a surprise.

"Sadly, the oft-quoted mantra that science shows homeopathy to be 'no better than placebo' is wrong but, repeated often enough, is a powerful message.

"Many people who have failed to obtain relief from what is offered by mainstream NHS services (and may even have suffered adverse effects) have found relief via homeopathic support. It is callous and a travesty to ignore their voice and to remove this option."

Paula Gowans said: As a past user of CIC I services am completely dismayed at the decision of Lanarkshire Health Boards withdrawal of support. This is a sad and crazy decision by people who it seems are placing cost savings over reality."

Another patient wrote: "Homeopathy can be effective for some people and situations, a blanket ban on referrals from NHS Lanarkshire appears inappropriately biased.

"Their list of ongoing referrals for counselling, acupuncture, etc. is also fraught with issues of effectiveness, no one treatment works for all."

The decision could place the hospital under threat because NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has said the facility is reliant on the support of other health boards.

Both NHS Highland and NHS Lothian have already withdrawn funding for referrals.