A NEW children's show took centre stage when it was launched at Celtic Connections.

The Funbox was opened and the fun released as former Singing Kettle stars performed for the very first time

under their new guise.

Gary Coupland, Kevin Macleod and Anya Scott-Rodgers launched their new show FUNBOX to a crowd of 1800 enthralled youngsters as part of the schoolʼs programme in Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

"As first gigs go, its not bad," joked Kevin, who also MCʼs at the schoolʼs concerts and the late night Celtic Club.

"We canʼt believe the response weʼve had."

FUNBOX has its very first public performance of, "Pirates and Princesses," at Glasgow SECC on March 1 but the lucky pupils present at the preview concert were able to see a sneaky peek of the new swashbuckling family show which they are in the process of footing the bill for with a crowdfunding campaign that saw them raise nearly 10k in a day.

Kevin said: "We have had loads of support from our fans not just with donations towards our crowdfunding

target but morally as well. We are really excited to get going now."

When the Singing Kettle announced its end last year nobody was more devastated than Gary, Kevin and Anya.

But rather than give up what they all describe as their dream jobs, the trio decided to start afresh and form a new company.

Anya said: "We love what we do and we love that we have a rare honour in our chosen careers that can bring so much happiness to people.

"We have been privileged to be part of a great Scottish institution and we want to keep this tradition alive and well and of the highest standard."

Gary added: "Its great to be back.

"We are all sad that the Singing Kettle has come to an end but this is a new chapter for us.

"We want to continue on this family tradition with our own mixture of traditional Scottish songs and silliness."

"Our fans have been brilliant and we are so lucky to have ones like we do.

"Lots of them have already bought tickets and theyʼve been doing all they can to share news of FUNBOX.

"They have also been incredibly generous with our crowdfunding campaign.

"We canʼt thank them or everyone here at Celtic Connections enough for their support and this great opportunity today. We had a ball."