A PEOPLE POWER campaign aiming to cut the cost of energy bills in Scotland was unveiled in Glasgow.

The Big Energy Switch campaign will attempt to cut the cost of electricity and gas in Scotland by driving up competition in the Scottish energy market.

Consumer network, One Big Switch, created the strategy which aims to use the buying power of 20,000 Scottish households to lower energy bills and spark a price war between suppliers.

As more people join the campaign it will give One Big switch a greater influence to negotiate discounted electricity and gas prices.

The company said the move is a direct response to the current energy affordability crisis which has seen the average fuel bills in Scotland rise nearly four times faster than household incomes since 2003.

Becky Kennedy, a mother of five from Lenzie was affected by rising energy bills and pledged her support for the campaign.

She said: "I have 5 sons. It's expensive, I'll take any savings where I can get them.

"I'd encourage anyone to join One Big Switch, there's no obligation.

"If I don't want to take up the offer I don't have to, if I like it I'm more than happy to switch

"I'm having to cut down on stuff like taking the kids out to the pictures.

"The bills are going up more than inflation, I'm interested in One Big Switch because it's about people power, about us banding together to save money.

"I want as many people as possible to sign up because I'd rather have the power in my hands and not the big companies."

Campaign Director Michael Stewart was in Glasgow to launch the campaign.

He said: "This is a chance for people in Scotland to come together and use our collective power to deliver some real cost of living relief.

"Consumers don't have to sit back and simply take price rises anymore, we can now use people power to take constructive action to help cut the cost of energy in Scotland.

"National group switching campaigns, like the Big Energy Switch, have worked in other countries to help fight back against the rising cost of living, and now is the time for Scottish consumers to act together to unlock group discounted energy here as well."

One Big Switch originally launched in Australia in 2011 and has since grown into one of the world's fastest growing consumer networks with more than 700,000 members.

After a successful launch in Australia the organisation set up a campaign in Ireland in February 2014 and now the movement has reached Scotland where they hope to tackle the current cost of living crisis.

Joining the Big Energy Switch is free and consumers who wish to sign up can visit www.onebigswitch.co.uk. The registration closes at midnight on April 17 2015.