There was an Easter surprise when hundreds of chocolate eggs were delivered to children at a Glasgow foodbank.

The youngsters were delighted to receive their early Easter gifts, which were collected by the Crookston Food Bank on Wheels and members of the Living Well Team from the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow.

The foodbank opened its doors just under a year ago and now provides food to around 500 people every week.

Councillor Shabbar Jaffri, who works with the group, was there to help distribute the eggs yesterday afternoon at the Crookston Community Group.

He said: "Living Well leisure team members Fiona Watt and Steven Casey from the Hilton Glasgow came up with the wonderful idea to encourage their gym members to donate the Easter eggs with a view to giving them to a worthwhile and active charity.

"The charity is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who even personally pay for the fuel used by their mobile Foodbank.

"The Foodbank has come across many heartbreaking cases.

"All kinds of help and donations are welcome."

At the same time Glasgow Life launched it spring programme for the two week holiday.

More than 100 events are on offer for children aged up to 11.

The Spring Holiday Programme will take over Glasgow Life community facilities, libraries, museums, and Glasgow Clubs.

And will offer a variety of activities, from Easter themed arts and crafts, music-making, face-painting, jewellery-making, and story-telling to dance workshops, sports, Easter egg hunts and group games.

The programme includes activities for 12-18-year-olds with youth groups across the city allowing teens to come together to play sports, computer games, socialise, and to browse the internet.

For full details on the Spring Holiday Programme and what activities are on where see