A GLASGOW cartoonist was overwhelmed when Nicola Sturgeon complimented a portrait he drew of her at the election debate.


Illustrator Neil Slorance, 28, from Cessnock, sketched the picture of the First Minister as she took part in the ITV debate along with other party leaders.

He drew a smiling First Minister along with the phrase: "My message to people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland is one of friendship."

MSP Humza Yousaf picked up on the illustration on Twitter and it received more than 140 retweets.

The Evening Times has previously told how Neil teamed up with his writing partner Colin Bell to draw strips for the official Doctor Who comic.

Neil said he became emotional when he received the endorsement from the First Minister.

The SNP leader tweeted him saying: "Thank you. I love this. You're very talented."

He said: "I was a wee bit tearful because I just really didn't expect it.

"I saw that Humza Yousaf had retweeted it and I thought that was great. But then I didn't think the First Minister would take the time to tweet me.

"I'm a bit overwhelmed."

Neil also immortalised the other leaders who took part in the debate.

He said: "It was great to get so much feedback on Twitter."

Here are his other illustrations.