PUPILS at a fire-hit school which was so damaged it had to be demolished will be moved to a secondary school.

Plans are being drawn up to relocate more than 170 pupils and staff members of St Dominic's Primary to St Margaret's High School after the Easter break.

St Dominic's building in Petersburn Road was razed to the ground after a fire broke out last Thursday, March 26.

As the Evening Times reported, the blaze appeared to start on the roof shortly before 4pm and spread quickly.

An after-school club taking place at the time meant 14 children had to be rescued and rushed to safety by staff.

The pupils had nowhere to attend classes and were given the week off.

They will now be on holiday until April 20.

Classroom, transport and lunchtime arrangements are among the contingency plans being discussed so the new facilities are ready to welcome pupils for the new term on Monday 20 April.

An entire self-contained area, with secure access, within St Margaret's will be given over to St Dominic's effectively creating a school within a school.

A total of 9 classrooms will be fitted out over the holidays for the school's 172 pupils.

James McKinstry, head of resources at North Lanarkshire Council, said there would try to "minimise" disruption.

He said: "We're putting together a strong set of plans to minimise disruption to pupils, parents and staff.

"We'll write to parents next week informing them of the details, but at the moment we're looking at starting the school day a little later than usual. This will avoid primary pupils arriving and departing at the same time as secondary pupils.

"Our plans are to bus primary pupils from a central pick up and drop off point close to the former St Dominic's Primary School. It's likely that this will be from Airdrieonian's stadium.

"Pupils will also have their lunch breaks at separate time from secondary pupils and they'll be given a secure play area of their own."

All staff from St Dominic's including teachers, classroom assistants, janitors, cleaners and office staff are expected to join pupils in the move to the new unit within St Margaret's.

The measures will be in place until at least the summer to allow for a medium-term solution to be found until the new school is built.

Separate plans for nursery pupils at St Dominic's are also being considered and parents will be informed of these by letter next week.