VOTERS all over Glasgow are preparing to elect seven MPs .

The constituencies themselves are much like the city itself, incorporating areas of high deprivation and areas with greater wealth.

Welfare cuts, poverty and unemployment are dominating the election agenda in the city just now with ending in work poverty and the need for food banks high on the campaign agenda of both Labour and the SNP.

In Glasgow you don't need to travel far to move from deprivation to affluence.

Castlemilk in the Glasgow South constituency is one of the country's highest in terms of deprivation.

It ranks among the 5% most deprived 74ths most deprived area overall and in the bottom 5% for income, employment and health.

There has been many changes in of the city's peripheral housing schemes especially in housing.

But some don't see that the General Election offers the prospect of achieving much change in the deprivation tables.

Outside the local shops in Tormusk Road disaffection is obvious among voters and non voters alike.

Tony Howard, from Castlemilk, said: "I'm definitely voting and I'm definitely voting SNP.

"I voted Labour but they are just as bad as the Tories, in it to gain something. I joined the SNP after the referendum.

"If Scotland gets a volume of SNP MSPs it might make a difference."

Ashley Macleod, is a young woman who said she too will definitely be voting. She said: "I'm still deciding who to vote for but I will be voting."

She hasn't given up hope that life can improve in her part of the world.

She added: "I think it makes a difference who gets in. I hope they can help make the world a better place for people."

Others were happy to chat but not identified.

Another woman said: "I don't think I'll vote, I never vote. The only time was at the referendum. I don't think it matters for places like this.

"Politics is all centred around London and whoever wins it doesn't help places like Castlemilk."

A man in his early 30s is sitting outside the shops is waiting for his mother oozes discontent.

He said: "I probably won't vote in the General Election. I voted yes in the referendum but won't bother this time.

"SNP or Labour? it won't matter they just want your vote and say anything to get it. They say what they want you to hear.

"I was always Labour, but now it's nothing at all. The SNP sound good just now but don't think they will make a difference for people here."

Another man said he has no time to talk about the election and makes to rush by.

He decides he would like a say and raises his voice as he walks backwards: "It doesn't matter who gets in. Nothing changes in places like this. They all make promises but then do nothing.

"Look around you. We've had the Commonwealth games and nothing has come here."

Carmunnock is less than three miles from the centre of Castlemilk, but in deprivation statistics it's a different world.

A quiet village on the edge of the city a world apart from the big housing scheme but the issues are similar, austerity and local concerns.

It is 5980 places above on the deprivation index and scores well into the top half on income employment and health, more than 5000 places above its nearest neighbour.

Laura's Coffee shop is busy with people in the afternoon.

Outside Brian Munn, explains his families journey from Labour to SNP.

He said: "I'm voting SNP. I switched from Labour a couple of elections ago. The Labour party in Scotland seems to be a branch office for London.

"My whole family used to be Labour but are all now SNP. Only My Granddad was still Labour until he died.

"The big issue is austerity, I don't see it getting any better. It affects people everywhere and in places like this too."

Marion Begg works in the Village Store nearby and she is worried about local issues.

She said the village could lose its identity.

She said: " I haven't decided who to vote for yet. They don't keep their promises.

"There are plans to build 150 houses here in Carmunnock. I want to fight to save the green belt.

"We are the only village left in Glasgow, but it will be swallowed up . I don't think they do anything for us here.

"We are affected by decisions about school and hospitals the same as other places. People are leaving because of changed to the school catchment area."