POLICE are re-investigating the unsolved murder of a Glasgow businessman 13 years after his death, we can reveal.
Alexander Blue, 41, was battered to death outside his West End home on June 24, 2002.
Today his brother, Billy, believes the killer, who has been on the loose for more than a decade, is on the verge of being caught.
The 57-year-old told the Evening Times: “I know who ordered Alex’s murder.
“Alex had more to fear from his friends than his enemies and I have told the police and prosecutors everything I know about his murder.
“Senior, high-ranking, officers have told me a reinvestigation of the case is under way.
“All the evidence, DNA and forensics are being re-examined with all the latest, up to date technology.
“Technology is evolving and that gives us confidence Alex’s killer will be caught.”
Billy believes technological advances could be key to catching the thug who killed his brother.
Mr Blue was beaten, stabbed and left for dead in the drive of his home.
He was found in a pool of blood outside his home at 12.20am on June 25 but he died two days later from horrific head and facial injuries at the Southern General Hospital. Neighbours who heard a commotion raised the alarm.
Just hours earlier, he was last seen sipping a cappuccino alone at the Beanscene cafe in Cresswell Lane - a favourite haunt of his.
But where he went - or who he was with - in the time between then and his murder remains a mystery.
Police launched a nationwide campaign and Mr Blue’s family and friends offered a £25,000 reward.
Dozens of officers were      assigned to the investigation, led by the now retired Detective Chief Inspector David Swindle. However, the case remains unsolved.
Billy, from Robroyston, said: “The police are determined to solve the case and we have been told they are making good progress.
“I continue to be impressed by the seniority of the officers involved and how seriously they are taking this case.
“I’m still meeting with senior officers and I know the case is far from dead.
“It may have taken a lot longer than we would have liked, but the case is becoming a lot clearer.”
Billy, who has fought tirelessly to bring his brother’s killer to justice, told the Evening Times the name of the man he is convinced ordered the execution.
“It’s frustrating that they are still out there,” Billy said.
“But DNA technology is advancing every day and I believe we are finally getting somewhere.
“In recent months, modern techniques have been used on the evidence gathered at the time and progress is being made.”
As part of the massive investigation, detectives even used a forensic accountant to examine Mr Blue’s finances in the hunt for clues.
Police also released an e-fit of a man seen some days before the murder coming out of Mr Blue’s flat in Dundonald Road, Dowanhill.
Billy also spoke of the        effect the unsolved killing of his brother has had on their 82-year-old mum Kathy.
He said: “She’s ill. She’s 82-years-old now and everything that has happened over the last 13 years have taken their toll on her health.
“But she is heartened by the commitment the police have shown to solving this case.”
A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “The murder of Alexander Blue is very much still an open investigation that is reviewed regularly using the latest technologies and techniques.
“We are committed to keep working on this case until we can bring the killer or killers to justice.”