FESTIVAL organisers were left dealing with angry fans who slammed traffic management around the site after two nights of chaos.

On Friday night there were huge tailbacks from the site as up to 500 festival-goers walked to an unofficial campsite nearby.

Bosses had pledged to resolve the issue by laying on minibuses to take campers to the alternative site.

But on Saturday night the travel plans of drivers and those commuting by coach descended into confusion.

Persistent light rain had turned the West Car Park into a sea of mud – and with the only exit uphill, drivers were trapped.

Two tractors arrived to pull vehicles up the hill and out onto the exit road but with hundreds of cars to move, some people waited up to five hours for rescue.

Stephen James, 39, said: “I’m not sure this couldn’t have been predicted and resolved sooner.

“It wasn’t a monsoon – it was light summer rain – and yet the car park was nothing but thick mud with drivers stuck at the bottom of a hill, unable to get out.

“Once we had been towed out it wasn’t much better. The traffic was crawling as the exit from the pick up/drop off area was the same – and only exit – as the car park, meaning hundreds of cars were trying to push out of the one place.

“We saw people shove over metal barriers to make more space to drive out, not that that helped the situation.

“And then there were no police helping out and only one steward directing all these hundreds of cars.

“Shambles is too kind a word.”

At the bus stops things weren’t much better with travellers waiting hours for busses that didn’t show up.

People took to Facebook to slam organisers for the disruption.

Jane Frett posted: “An absolute shambles. My daughter stood for three hours while we battled through the horrific traffic, with no help from anyone.

“I am disgusted tonight and the pick-up route taking us to Perth to start with.

“This event should be closed down ... Girls crying and cold standing at the side of the road whilst the traffic is at a standstill, parents running and walking frantically trying to get to the pick-up point.

“You as an organisation disgust me and we will never be back.”

Concerns were raised last year about the ease of moving tens of thousands of music fans around the Strathallan Estate on a narrow, unlit country road.

Mark and Kim Liddiard, who live locally, had threatened legal action against the move to Strathallan due specifically to traffic concerns.

Organisers tweeted on Sunday morning to apologise for the chaos of the night before.

The tweets read: “We apologise to everyone affected by the traffic delays at the drop-off points last night.

“We’re working hard to fix the things that went wrong and we’ll issue more info ASAP to try and minimise any delays going forward.

“Please know we are truly sorry for the experience some of you had.”

But the sorry was not enough for some people, who vowed not to return on the Sunday.

Kirsty Allen tweeted: “Absolutely awful organisation again tonight. Just getting home now and bus was booked for 12.15am. I'll not be back.”