Let's face it - we all love a bit of George Bowie's anthems on a Saturday night.

It's the radio show that has the feel good factor and is guaranted to put a smile on your face. 

For that reason, here are 15 Glaswegian thoughts that go through every ravers head when they listen to GBX anthems on a Saturday night. 

1. It's Saturday, it's 6pm...here we, here we, here we f***ing go!

2. Yas! Georgie Boy is playing Concrete Angel. 

3. A better phone in n ask for a 'shout out' fir the Castlemilk team. 

4. A canny get through!

5. A goat through! Yas! Whit's my name again? Whose ma pals?

6. Whit do you mean you've played Discoland? How did a miss that?

7. Hawd oan! Wee Malky fae Castlemilk is oan the phone noo. Dae a know him?

8. Who is this belter on the phone fae Easterhoose? Howlin'

9. I'll phone a taxi when a hear Raver Baby!

10. (Or when you're staying in) A want to go tae the dancin' noo.

11. Yaldi! He's playing Superstar, tune! Turn it up!

12. Georgie boy is playing where? Mon we're gaun

13. (And when George Bowie is on holiday or on a boat) Who is this belter? Where's Georgie Boy?

14. This Ed Sheeran remix is a peach. 

15. A cannae find this tune on YouTube. 

16. CD ye say Georgie Boy?

17. Georgie Boy, we pure love ye!